Assessment in Special Education: Philippines

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De La Salle University Manila College of Education Educational and Leadership Management Department The Status of Assessment of Children with Special Needs in the Philippines A Reflection Paper Presented by GOTIZA, Adai Liyah M. MA Ed Special Education 11194820 Presented to Dr. W. Sison 9 February 2013 The Status of Assessment of Children with Special Needs in the Philippines I. Assessment Processess Involved in Assessment a. tests b. measurement c. evaluation II. Assessment of Children with Disabilities in America History of Assessment Purposes of Assessment in Education a. regular education b. special education Process of Educational Assessment III. Assessment of Children with Disabilities in the Philippines Policies and Guidelines…show more content…
But they came to a realization that there is a need for a tool to identify the problems of children who are not learning at the same rate as their peers. During the late 1800s, Alfred Binnet proposed to French Ministry of Public Instruction that there is a need for a further study of children who are failing in school and must not be dismissed. So, the need for special instruction was identified. He, together with Theodore Simon developed a tool with 30 items with ascending order of difficulty during the early 1900s. It has a wide variety of function with emphasis on judgement, comprehension, and reasoning which are the components of intelligence. This was called Simon-Binnet Test. However, there are still glitches on the use of this tool because most items are verbal and scoring procedure is not available. The second version of the tool added more items and removed unsatisfactory items. Accordingly, test items are grouped according to age level. Scoring was also established by interpreting it through mental level. The third version was done in 1911. There were some minor revision and repositioning of items according to level of difficulty. The tool was brought to America and was studied further in Standford University by Lewis Therman. It was normed and standardized resulting to its name these days as StanfordBinnet Intelligence Test. However between1920-1950, the prominent tests
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