Assessment in the Ece Curriculum

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Assessment in the ECE curriculum

Institution: Privately run preschool in Singapore
Fictional child: Sara
Background: Age: 3 year old girl, Nationality: Indian origin. Has a twin in the same class.
Interest: At this point in time this child is particularly interested in growing plants. We have observed her using a learning story. This is our first time using this particular assessment tool.

Traditionally in our pre-school we have used a range of assessment tools for eg: checklist, work samples, running records which are compiled in a portfolio.

The Ministry of Education (2008), Singapore curriculum guide base their Child development and learning principles on Developmentally appropriate practice (Kindergarten Curriculum
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Therefore by looking at the observation through the 3 lenses we can also look at children’s movements from the interpersonal to the intrapersonal level of development within the child’s zone of proximal development (Edwards p 14). We can also observe how a more capable peer or an adult scaffolds a child’s learning through these observation.

By documenting Sara’s learning journey we can assess and analyse her development through the 3 lenses and how the people involved and the environment play a very important part in scaffolding her learning.

Through the 3 lenses we observed:

Personal: * Aalya is motivated and interested in learning more about the plants, as she initiates this activity when she finds the magnifying glass. * She is actively engaged in exploring and investigating the plants in her garden. * There are multiple perspectives, in natural science through the exploration and discussion about living plants, and how Aalya relates her age to the number of beans she is putting in the cup (mathematics).

Interpersonal: * There is a shared understanding between Aalya and Rehan about what they need to grow plants. This is evident during their discussion and actions whilst planting seeds. * There are adult and child interactions (parents and nanny with both Rehan and Aalya) and child to child interactions (Rehan and Aalya discussing planting the seeds)
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