Essay about Assessment of Conservatism

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Assessment of Conservatism In defining whether Thatcherism was different from conservatism we must first understand which form of conservatism we are assessing. Conservatism with a small c can be seen in countries from America to Russia but unlike other ideologies, conservatism is somewhat tailored for each country, there being no defined rules unlike, say Marxism. One of the planks of conservatism in Britain is the concept of "Victorian values" but thishello cannot be said to form part of the ideology of any …show more content…
However, growing demand from the people for electoral reform eventually saw a change of Government. In 1830 the then Tory Prime Minister, the Duke of Wellington, was defeated by Earl Grey's Liberal Party on the issue of electoral reform.

The eleven year period between 1830-41 when the Tory party was not in power was regarded as a period of great change. By the time of their re-election in 1841 the Tory party had changed its name to the Conservatives and adopted much of the ideology we now refer to as conservatism. The next strong Conservative ministry came with the arrival of Benjamin Disreali in 1874. For the first time in its history there was a strong degree of unity under Disreali and this enabled him to act accordingly in reforming Conservative policy. The early years of Disreali's ministry coined the terms "Tory Democracy" and "New Conservatism", as he set about important social reforms to housing, public health, factories, education and trade unions. Disreali hoped that through his social reforms an alliance would be established between the privileged classes and the masses, "... the palace is unsafe if the cottage is
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