Assessment of Core Competencies and a "SWOT" analysis of Kohler COmpany

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Executive Summary Kohler Co. is a 129-year-old company strong in its tradition and focusing on quality and improving the level of gracious living for its customers. A SWOT analysis is described in this paper to discuss the Strengths - quality and employee loyalty; Weaknesses - slow traditions and limited customers; Opportunities - increase hospitality division and sell to a broader range of customers; and Threats - Porter's 5 forces. Due to the analysis provided, the core competencies of Kohler emerge as high quality, great design, history and tradition, and a commitment to gracious living for their customers. Kohler Background Kohler Co. is a world leader in plumbing and power systems, but is diverse and sells products with more than a…show more content…
Well, they are, except in a fast moving marketplace. Manufacturing is not thought of as a fast moving marketplace, but there are other competitors that race to get a new design on the market. This is where Kohler needs some work in order to increase the time it takes from initial concept through engineers, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and to the Kohler customers. The approval process should be shortened between each stage in order to help make this happen. Another weakness is that Kohler has chosen to only sell directly to retailers, government, hospitals, and wholesalers (plumbers, distribution centers, designers, etc). This limits the consumer to purchase product through a middleman. If Kohler distributed a catalog or an online e-commerce site for homeowners, they could buy directly from Kohler. The additional purchases from homeowners would add to Kohler's sales and increase revenue. Opportunities While Kohler is thought of as a kitchen and bath company, they have many other products and services that they offer. Most of the revenue is generated through the plumbing organization. But Kohler is also doing well in their hospitality division. In Kohler, WI they have built two golf courses - Blackwolf Run ( hosted the woman's PGA championship and Whistling Straits ( will be hosting the 2004 men's PGA championship. In addition, they have a five star

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