Assessment of Dell's Approach to Operations Management

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Assessment of Dell's Approach to Operations Management Introduction Dell Corporation (NASDAQ: DELL) is a global leader in operations management, supply chain management (SCM), logistics and advanced lean manufacturing techniques. While hundreds of companies have attempted to attain the level of performance they have using their unique approach to operations management and supply chain synchronization to demand forecasting, few have attained the level of production efficiency Dell has. The center of their strength as a high tech manufacturer is based on how product design processes, workflows and frameworks are used throughout their organization to streamline time-to-market and increase sales. Dell operates on a very raid product lifecycle (PLC) timetable often having concurrent product introductions of systems from the same series of personal computers, table PCs or laptops. Dell is also very unique in that they have continually been profitable with their build-to-order product strategy, redefining mass customization in the process. These three factors of Dell's performance are discussed in this analysis. Dell has successfully used product design, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), lean manufacturing and mass customization concepts and frameworks to become a global leader in high tech manufacturing, generating $62B in revenue in their latest fiscal year and earning a Net Income of $3.4B. Dell's supply chain strategies and approach to mass customization are predicated on

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