Assessment of Gilbert Grape Essay

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I. Identifying Information 1. Client's Name: Arnie Grape 2. Sex: Male 3. Date of Birth: July 16, 1987 4. Age: 17 5. Address: 300 Hugh Hunter Rd., Endora, Iowa 42262 6. Phone Number: (931) 555-1212 7. Occupation: unemployed 8. Family Members: Mother Bonnie Grape 54 unemployed Father Albert Grape deceased Sister Ellen Grape 16 works at ice cream shop Sister Amy Grape 34 unemployed Sister Larry Grape 32 flight attendant Brother Gilbert Grape 24 works at a grocery store II. Reason for Social Work Involvement Arnie Grape was referred to this agency by Sheriff Jerry Farrell of the Endora Police Department. He was concerned about Arnie's continued lack of supervision. Sheriff Farrell stated that…show more content…
Bonnie was not at home when this occurred; she was taking Arnie to have some tests done in Motley, Iowa, about a twenty minute drive from home. Since Albert's death, Bonnie's weight has skyrocketed, and she has become the joke of the town. Some of those who used to court her took up donations to help her see a dietician. The donated money was intersected by Amy and Gilbert before Bonnie found out. There have been other incidences where her weight was the subject of township intervention. Bonnie has also stopped attending church after the minister preached about suicide the Sunday after Albert's funeral. Albert Grape passed away 17 years ago by hanging himself in his basement. His father battled alcoholism and supposedly passed away from excessive drinking. Albert had a brother, but he passed in World War II. Albert's mother is still alive, and has been living in a nursing home for the past 8 years. Albert was a kind and warm person, and got along with everyone. Amy Grape, 34, is the oldest of the siblings and was 17 years old when Albert committed suicide. She has since taken Bonnie's role of running the house. Larry, 32, is the second to oldest and was 15 when Albert passed. She was the one that discovered the body and called 911. During that time, and to this day, she acts nonchalant about his death. She currently works as a flight attendant and only comes home for special
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