Assessment of Personal Financial Wellness of Teachers

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Proper financial education is an important part of life because it affects virtually every aspect of it. Everyone will likely someday face a difficult financial situation, whether large or small, that requires time and money. Having a good understanding of daily cash inflows and outflows in personal finances will help make tough situations less stressful and easier to handle.
Cash (1996) Among five risk stressors in life ( relationships, work, health , crime/violence, & personal finance), personal finance was rated as the number one source of stress, concerns about personal finance are five times higher than those regarding health. Garman et al (1996) research has indicated a relation between personal finance stress and backache,
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2. Is there a relationship between the level of financial wellness and the demographic characteristics of the respondents? 3. What are the common sources of information on financially related decision that the public school teachers commonly accessed? 4. Personal perception of the teachers if they are qualified to integrate financial education in their respective subjects? 5. What are the most desired financial education topics of the respondents? 6. How many of the teachers have participated in a financial education program in their formal school or through their employer.
The respondents are public school teachers of a selected public school in Imus Cavite.

Demographic Characteristics
Demographic characteristics, such as gender, marital status, education, ethnicity, age, income, number of young children ( financially dependent children ) , housing tenure and years in service.
Financial Wellness Scale
This researcher has obtained from Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation through Ms. Mary Moldenhauer, a paper approval for the use of their developed and validated Personal Financial Wellness Scale.
PFEEF is a non –profit organization that promotes and facilitates financial education in the workplace with address at 9402 SE 174th Loop Summerfield Florida,United States 34491.
The Personal Financial Wellness Scale is an eight –item self-report subjective measure of financial

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