Assessment of Premarital Sexual Practices and Factors Related to Itamong High School Students

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Assessment of Pre-marital sexual practices and factors related to it among Hawas Preparatory school Adama. CHAPTER ONE 1.1 Background information For the development of a given society, it is pretty obvious that youth population have a crucial role to play. Especially, in countries like Ethiopia, more than two-thirds of the populations are below 30 years of age, these age groups are expected to be in the forefront in building the country. However, an increasing number of adults in Ethiopia are facing several psychological, economical, social and physical problems due to the prevalence of careless sexual intercourses. Especially, those who are in high schools are very much subject to these problems more than anyone else.…show more content…
Certain passages in the Bible and the Koran have very involved statutes concerning marriage and rape. The questions about premarital sex can go beyond the religious in that the issue of disease that can play a major factor. It is said that you also sleep with everyone else that your partner has ever slept with...and it is true. Syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, and HIV are very real sexual diseases and a source of concern. When one engages in premarital sex, one risks having contact with these diseases if one's partner is active with other partners. Furthermore, the cost of treatment for disease is not cheap, either emotionally or financially. Pregnancy is expensive as is psychotherapy. The consequences of one’s actions have many ramifications. Especially in the country’s like Ethiopia, which most of its peoples live under extreme poverty line, the negative impacts of Pre-marital sex goes beyond personal problem and it also touches each and every person in the country. 3. Methodology of the study Sampling Method and Technique Hawas Preparatory school has 1200 students learning in both regular and extension sessions in 11th and 12th grades. Out of these, 55 percents are females and the rest are boys. So, by taking in to account the above information, the researcher will try to use random and purposive sampling techniques in combination. The key informants will be chosen by a random sampling method and the ratio of gender will take

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