Assessment of Reading Essay examples

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RUNNGHEAD: ASSESSMENT OF READING Assessment of Reading Alma J. Bosket Curriculum, Methods and Assessment: Literacy and Language Arts-EED-470 Professor Katie G. Troub September 23, 2012 Assessment of Reading Chart |Assessments |Characteristics |Compare and | | | |Contrast | | | | | |Developmental Reading…show more content…
|strategies a student uses to meaning of individual words | | | |and texts. As this is implied and paired with | | | |comprehension inquiry it can be used to identify the | | | |instructional reading level for individual students. Not | | | |to mention, explains how to take a running record and how| | | |to use what you learn from it to help your students. | | | | | |Dynamic Indicators |A set of procedures and measures for |DIBELS are designed to be short (one minute) fluency | |Of Basic Early Literacy |assessing the acquisition of early literacy |measures used to regularly monitor the development of | |Skills
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