Assessment of SAP Crystal Solutions

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Assessment of SAP Crystal Solutions Introduction SAP is considered one of the leading providers of enterprise software globally, as their depth of expertise in processes, systems and strategies is delivering value daily across tens of thousands of global customers. One of their core strengths is in the area of analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) and Knowledge Management (KM) as shown in their SAP Crystal Solutions suite of applications. The following questions are based on assessment of SAP Crystal Solutions website and supporting materials What do you think of the site and tools presented? SAP excels at taking complex, challenging data and turning it into information with enterprises, and the website and supporting materials illustrate this point through over a dozen customer success stories. Based on the customer testimonials and the series of white papers, demos and supporting materials, it is apparent that SAP Crystal Solutions is ideally suited for enterprise-wide analytics and BI-based work in enterprises. The most interesting case studies are focused on the most complex problems that enterprises face incouding optimizing the performance of supply chains, pricing, and logistics programs within globally-based companies. SAP has a legacy of strength in delivering solutions into supply-chain based businesses and the depth of the SAP Crystal Solutions suite of applications illustrates this point (Curry, 1999). SAP's success stories for this suite of

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