Assessment of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Interventions

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Assessment of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Interventions

How is the literature review used in this research study? Using one (1) previous study cited by the authors, discuss how the findings of this past study is relevant to the current study. (2 pts)
The literature review in this study was used to demonstrate the problem and occurrence of adolescent pregnancy and birth rates in the United States. Furthermore, the concern about this phenomenon as it pertains to Florida is addressed. A correlation between teenagers who live in poverty and a greater risk of teenage pregnancy was asserted through the literature.
The authors cite a 2001 report by the Florida Department of Health Office of Vital Statistics that estimates the birthrate was 35.3 per 1,000 females aged 15-19 in the state and 41.7 in Hillsborough County, where this current study takes place.
What are the ethical considerations in this study for the data collection process? (1.5 pts)
This study compared students who participated in one of programs designed to mitigate adolescent pregnancy with a control group. Participants were chosen randomly in order to assure the integrity of the research. Data was collected anonymously on each research protocol. No indication is given as to whether or not parental consent to participate in the survey was sought.
State the statistical tests or data analysis methods/procedures used in the study. (1 pt)
Statistical analyses for this study consisted of chi-square tests of
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