Assessment of an Enterprise-Level Business System

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Assessment of an Enterprise-Level Business System Leon Kilpatrick Assessment of an Enterprise-Level Business System This paper addresses relevant considerations for the assessment of an enterprise-level business system and starts with a discussion of which information-gathering methods can be used in analyzing the requirements for such a system. This is followed by a synopsis of business process mapping methods that should be used in analysis activities along with a discussion of which business process mapping tools should be used in documenting the analysis. Next, the paper tackles the problem of how the analyst can determine if these methods and tools were effective in understanding the requirements and end with an explanation of…show more content…
Jacka ( 2002), states that the Process Profile Work Sheet includes such information as the process owner, the trigger events (beginning and ending), inputs, outputs, and, the objectives, risks, key controls, and measures of success. Work Flow Surveys are completed by individuals actually working on the process and request from them a list of tasks -- including inputs and outputs -- which they perform in support of the process ( Interviewing and Mapping , para. 3). There are a host of tools available on the open market to aid in business process mapping that are more than acceptable for documenting analysis. Two of the most used are Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio. Microsoft Project is a project management software program developed and sold by Microsoft which is designed to assist project managers in developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workloads (Microsoft, 2010). Microsoft Visio is a commercial diagramming program for Microsoft Windows that uses vector graphics to create diagrams (Microsoft, 2010). ANALYST UNDERSTANDING OF REQUIREMENTS One of the quickest ways for an analyst to determine if he has a complete understanding of the requirements would to observe how easily understood and how well received his preliminary reports are by both the
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