Assessment of the Speech against Water Taxis

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Introduction I found a speech on YouTube about water taxis. The clip is a minute long. The narrator is Dow Constantine, a West Seattle politician who is announcing the arrival of the water taxi, and promoting the program. The context is that the service had come under attack from rival politicians, but there was ultimately a decision to maintain the water taxi service in West Seattle. Assessment of the Speech The body language of Mr. Constantine is casual. Speaking at a pulpit, he is almost slouched over it. The body language connotes comfort, and in part this can be explained by the fact that the speech is to welcome the return of the water taxi service, so victory in this 'battle' has already been achieved. Thus, it is reasonable that the body language convey that relief. He also raises his arm when welcoming the water taxi, something that not only connotes openness to the water taxi but implores the audience to do the same. The word choice also connotes victory to some degree, because the speaker is cracking jokes (about the ability of the audience to hear, for example). He claims that "West Seattle loves its water taxi" and talks about ridership levels. The speaker in this case is accentuating the positive, in order to support his pro-water taxi position. There is specific emphasis placed on key words. In the above sentence, strong emphasis is placed on the word "love", and when describing the user statistics, "two hundred thousand", the emphasis is placed

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