Assessment the extent to which solar energy is a viable alternative energy for oil in Saudi Arabia

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The diversification in terms of sustainable energy and the utilization renewable energy options in various practical uses have become one of the most significant factors as a substitutable source for oil and gas. In addition, it could be a viable solution for environmental problems. Omubo-Pepple et al. (2009) believe that the effective solution for environmental degradation, resulted from the use of fossil fuels which caused some dangerous problems such as acid rain, green house effect and ozone layer depletion, is to increase in renewable energy options uses. Indeed, some countries such as United States, Germany, Spain and Japan are progressively undergoing transition from hydrocarbon-based economy to one based on sustainable forms…show more content…
Alawaji (2001) notes that Saudi's regions are likely to receive 2200 thermal kilowatt hours (kWh) per square meter. According to some preliminary studies, it seem that the average of sunshine in Saudi Arabia approximately 8.98 hours and an average of solar radiation, collected from 41 stations, is 5591 watt per hours cubic meters per square (MOHANDES et al, 1999). Alternatively, it could be assumed that these estimations might be much higher if the solar radiation measurements were more accurate. Furthermore, on a horizontal surface in the Arabian Gulf Coast near the city of Dhahran (city of Saudi Arabia), the highest solar radiation per minute, hourly, daily and monthly was estimated at 1183 W/m-2 in the summer season, 1053 W/m-2 in the middle of June, 351 W/m-2 and 328 W/m-2, respectively (T. V. Ramachandra, 2006). As a resultو these statistics indicate that the Saudi's regions receive a huge quantity of sunshine which is a one of essential and available conditions to use the solar energy in Saudi Arabia. Adding to the quantity of sunshine, it is known that the successful solar energy projects need vast and uncovered areas; in order to get the best results and that is available in Saudi Arabia whereas it considers one of the largest countries in Middle East with an area of 2.3

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