Assignment#03 Usability Evaluation

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15 Assignment 3: Usability Evaluation 15 Assignment 3: Usability Evaluation Questionnaire is one of the most popular techniques for gathering data, where questions in a questionnaire are designed to be answered asynchronously, i.e. without the presence of the investigator. A goal must be set, before developing the questionnaire, as developer would like to have relevant reasons before starting working on something. Targeting the participants is another important element of collecting data through online questionnaire. In many ways questionnaire is similar to interviews as questions could be open or closed. Since interviewer is not present or in a word nobody is available to interpret the questions for the participant, making the…show more content…
For example when a participant is asked about to enter his/her date of birth, a pop up message could tell them what date format needs to be used. Data validation could easily be implemented in web-based questionnaire, which will warn the user about invalid data and tell them what is expected. At the same time this would help the researchers from not having invalid data when analyzing in the lab. For example, when asked a teacher "what year the school was established?", the answer has to be a four digit number less than or equal to current year and will not accept text as input. By writing a validation rule in the back end, this could be accomplished (max char size = 4 and reg. expression (/d) which will only accept 4 digit number). Skip logic is another simple aspect of web-based questionnaire and it must be implemented when creating and designing a interactive questionnaire. If a respondent answer a question 'Yes' or 'No', designer can store '1' or '2' in back-end for comparison purpose. Based on the comparison result, a question or a series of questions can be skipped. For example, if a respondent answers 'No' when asked if he/she likes to use iPad, rest of the iPad features related questions can be skipped. Skip logic can be helpful targeting a age range as well. Another easy aspect of creating and conducting an online questionnaire is faster response rate and automatic transfer of responses

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