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Assignment 023 Understand Child and Young Person Development Task B Complete table, research and report B2 Produce a report to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of differing theories of development. This report should identify how these theories have influenced current practice and include the following: Cognitive Psychoanalytical Humanist Social learning Operant conditioning Behaviourist Social pedagogy (Ref 2.3) DIFFERING THEORIES OF DEVELOPMENT There are many different theories of development which we use to understand children’s behaviour, reactions and the way in which they learn. Cognitive development - One of the theorists behind this theory was Jean Piaget who was a zoologist who…show more content…
The ego develops from the ‘id’ in the first few months. Babies might learn that by smiling in some situations they are more likely to get their needs met whilst in other situations it may be better to cry. In some situations the ego may make the id wait for its demands to be met. For example, a child may learn that if they snatch a cake from a tray they may have it taken away from them, but by waiting to be offered they will eventually get it. The term ’deferred gratification’ is used when this happens. The ego is often thought of as being the common sense part of our personalities. Thirdly, the superego. This develops later in childhood and tries to control the ego, compromising of two elements, the conscience and the ego-ideal. The conscience will punish the ego if it misbehaves, this being the source of guilt. The ego-ideal will reward the ego if it shows good behaviour, this being the source of pride and confidence. Freud’s work may not be proven but his work with unconscious actions and peoples mind skills are still used when a child tells a lie, they smile or put their hand over their mouths as if to stop the lie. Humanist development – This theory was developed by Abraham Maslow and is based on motivation and personality. He looked at people’s motivation and came to the conclusion that people had certain fundamental needs which need to be met before they could begin to fulfil their
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