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Lymaris Dalian Santiago
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CV10 Intro to Computers
Assignment #8 Business Consulting
May 24, 2015
Business Consulting

What formula or function does he put in Column F that will show the total expenses for each day?
In the parenthesis enter the cell letter and number to find total expenses per day. (i.e.) =sum(b5:e5)
What formula or function does he put in columns B through F in Row 13 that will give him the total expenses for the week in each category?
In the parenthesis enter the cell number and letter to find total expenses per week. (i.e.) =sum(b5:b11)
Bill wants the entry in Column G to remind him of expenses that require receipts for the accountant. Tell Bill what to put in Column G to do this:
A. Print the
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All computers must be running Microsoft operating systems so Bill will have to purchase Microsoft operating computers for his new employees.

2. With the possibility of three business computers in his home, and all of his business records possibly vulnerable, this would be a good time to advise Bill on how to set up a routine plan to protect and defend his new network. Provide a list of the five most important concerns for safety and security of the network and the computers in the network. For each concern, specify the action to be taken, and if applicable, what software you recommend be added to the system. Justify each of your recommendations.

Listed are five important concerns for safety and security and recommendations for prevention:
1. Internet and Network Security
Covers malware and hacking techniques.
Recommendation: When browsing always remember to use high level SSL encryption to keep your data safe.
2. Data Loss by Accidents
Caused by problems with data storage devices.
Recommendation: To recover data packets lost in transit; the data loss caused by a computer/server crash can be prevented using a solid backup plan. Data files can be replicated over a remote server as well as on different computers on a network.
3. Misuse of User rights
Users with certain rights may misuse their privileges to steal company data and sell it competitors.
Recommendation: Monitor what files are shared between workgroup networks. You can monitor

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