Assignment 1 Answer Essay

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BUQU 1230
Assignment #1

Solve the following 3 problems:

1- Consider the data set for the sample of 10 minisystems that is posted on the course web site. Open the Excel “Minisystems” file and answer the following questions: a. What are the elements in this study? How many elements are in the data set?
Brand & Model b. How many variables are in the data set?
5 Variables (Price, Sound Quality, CD Capacity, FM Tuning, and Tape Decks) c. Which of the variables are quantitative and which are categorical?
Categorical: Sound Quality, FM Tuning, and Tape Decks
Quantitative: Price and CD Capacity d. What is the average CD capacity for the sample?
e. What percentage of
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A frequency distribution (use a class width of 3 hours) b. A relative frequency distribution c. A histogram d. An ogive e. Comment on what the data indicate about personal computer usage at home.
The majority of people (about 75%) spend less than 7 hours per week using their computers and only 4 percent of people use their computers between 12.7 and 15.7 hours a week.
|Hours |Freq. |Relative |
| | |Freq. |
|0.7-3.69 |12 |0.24 |
|3.7-6.69 |25 |0.5 |

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