Assignment 1: Computer Forensics Overview

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Assignment 1: Computer Forensics Overview
CIS 417 Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the process of investigating and analyzing techniques to gather and preserve information and evidence from a particular computing device in a way it can be presented in a court of law.
The main role of computer analyst is to recover data including photos, files/documents, and e-mails from computer storage devices that were deleted, damaged and otherwise manipulated. The forensics expert’s work on cases involving crimes associated with internet based concerns and the investigations of other potential possibilities on other computer systems that may have been related or involved in the crime to find enough evidence of illegal activities. Computer
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* Increased Storage Space: Most storage media have large amount of data stored in it, which for the examiner means they must have computers with equally more processing power in them to be able to analyze the data fast and accurately. * New Technology: The world of computers is evolving so fast, there is always an introduction to new hardware and software and constant updates and changes of Operating Systems. New hardware and software along with constant changes of operating systems and programs in general make it difficult for a computer forensics person to always be up to date with the latest. Each time there is potentially a new challenge. * Legal issues: This may distract the findings of the examiner, an example is Trojan Defense. Administrative Issues: Administrative issues may include accepted standards that are guidelines in computer forensic, and another administrative issue is fit to practice which shows that there is no body that checks the competence in this profession.
Provide an overview of how computing devices are used in crimes of today and how these crimes can affect a company's data and information.
An overview of some of the crimes used in cyber technology is: * Hacking: Hacking is breaking into a computer system, knowingly or unknowingly, to gain unauthorized access to vulnerable data. * Phishing: Phishing is a crime that involves attempting to acquire personal information to use

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