Assignment 1 Crisis Situation Assignment

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Assignment 1: Crisis Situation Assignment
The Cause This summer I had the opportunity to enroll in a practicum with the Calgary Police Service. One call in particular involved a domestic dispute over child custody, and the officer and I were the first to arrive on the scene. We approached the residence and herd shouting from the front door. At this point it is apparent the conflict between the parties has been ongoing for some time. The officer and I called for an additional patrol vehicle, and once they arrived we entered the residence. Upon entering the residence there was a male and two females, the one female and male are a couple, who will use the name Bob and Jane, and the other female was the mother of the child who will use the name
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Her non-verbal behaviour demonstrates she was upset and distraught. During our interview with her, she paced back and forth nonstop. There were a few times she attempted to grab something to throw at us, but we intercepted it by moving slowly moving in front of the object. She constantly talked with her hands, and her body posture which infers she was in a defensive stance, ready if we were going to go hands on. However, it was not just her body language which can attest to her behaviour, but also the tone, volume, and speed of her speech. When ever we asked a question about her son the tone of her voice was soft, the volume low, and the speed of her speech was slow. This suggests that she was calm, and collected; however, whenever the officer and I tried to talk to Debra about her relationship with Joe, her tone of voice would instantly change into a more aggressive tone and her volume would increase until she shouted. It was clear that she the relationship between Debra and Joe was not good, and that it is an ongoing problem. In regard to her verbal behaviour, she was using crude language and would emphasize her frustration. Based on her verbal and nonverbal behaviour the officer and I had to play a balance game. We needed to ensure we could obtain the information needed, but also not push too hard, so she would not become overwhelmed. Once the officer was
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