Assignment 1 Cs 782

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Assignment 1

CS 782 Fall 2013

Author: Almas Zakat

Date September 23, 2013


Contents 1. Introduction_____________________________________________ 3 2. Business Model_________________________________________ 3 3. Operational Model_______________________________________ 5 4. Business Model_________________________________________ 6 5. Conclusion ____________________________________________ 6


1. Introduction

In order to ensure compatibility (conjugation) and information security, harmonization of existing and emerging government information systems
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* Network administration * Security information system. * Installing and recovering software. * Administration of Information systems and Internet network connections. * Design and installation of communication networks, local area networks. * Inventory inspection of equipment. * Nighttime duty. 6. IT Project Management government’s organizations. 7. Registration in and domain names. 8. Hosting: * Providing secure backup for Information Systems. * Providing a virtual server. * Renting a server hosting. * Administration of the system of basic software.
Market position of “Onitec” is primarily oriented to corporative clients mostly government agencies such that: * Ministry of Transport and communications * Ministry of Justice of the Republic Kazakhstan * Ministry of Finance * Ministry of Education and Science * The General Prosecutors Office

Value preposition. “Onitec’s” main strategy focuses on three main aspects. 1. Performance: we regard as of paramount importance the result, the capability of achieving the goals and gaining maximum possible output from all available human, technological and technical resources. 2. Quality: the results from our work always meet the customers’ demands and expectations, because services delivered by us and products created are reliable, user-friendly and secure. Our ability to ensure quality result without alteration sander makes is

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