Assignment 1: Entrepreneurial Leadership Essay

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Running Head: BUS508 Assignment 1 BUS508 – Contemporary Business Assignment 1: Entrepreneurial Leadership Strayer University May 1, 2013 Entrepreneurial Leadership at Five Guys The Five Guys Burger and Fries Company, hereafter referred to as Five Guys, is a family owned burger carry out restaurant. It was founded in 1986 by Jerry and Janie Murrell in Arlington, Virginia (About Us: The Five Guys Story, 2013). Jerry Murrell realized his sons were not interested in college so he told them, "Start a business or go to college" (About Us: The Five Guys Story, 2013). His four sons opted for business, so Jerry and Janie Murrell along with their sons opened a carry-out burger facility in…show more content…
In paying the employees more than the minimum wage, and providing financial incentives for very good customer service, employees will take on the culture of Five Guys. Jerry Murrell once said, “We try to make the kids feel ownership in the company” (Welch, 2010). This creates buy-in by employees which translates into better customer service. Consequently, these values have been instilled and inculcated throughout the franchise keeping the organization strong today. Factors that Contributed to Five Guys Success In the opinion of this writer, three factors contributed to Five Guys success in such a short time. The factors are Jerry Murrell’s leadership, his business philosophy, and arguably the most critical of the three, strict adherence to quality control over his product. Per an interview with Doug McKinney, training director of Lorton, Virginia-based Five Guys, it is very critical that the burgers should be of perfect quality. He states that they maintain the quality of their burger and fries by ensuring that all the staff and service crews are committed to give quality food service (Licata, 2009). However external market pressures of rapid growth (e.g., franchising) and sticking to a minimalist menu, over time,
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