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Q1) How can an educator clear the confusion of language with an ESL student on content which is not familiar in their country of origin?
My plan to discovering this answer is to find out if anybody from our class was born outside of American than ask how they learned a topic such as the American measurement system which not common outside of America.
Q2) How could students acquired immersion in their learning if given the opportunity to pick what they want to write about through a student-controlled environment?
Since the students have different perspectives and experiences, the students can pick what they write about and share with each other their writing to give their classmates a variety of topics, ideas, and perspectives.
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Therefore, without having the fundamental language it would be difficult to form an idea around a scientific concept.
One concept which I want to remember is that choice is the key to motivating writers. I want to remember this concept because I believe choice is necessary to allow writers to use their previously experience and interests to feel engaged while writing. Additionally, I believe the concept of choice can also be used to motivate reading as well. This is significant because I believe when a topic correlates with the student interests or experience they are able to use a more expansive conceptual framework when writing. Therefore, I have always personally enjoy reading or writing more the more I am able to make connections to my personal experience, interests, or ideology. Conclusively, I believe when choice is given in writing or reading it is easier for the students to engage with the learning experience.
Another term I felt important in this chapter was immersion. Immersion, in the context of learning, is allowing oneself to experience a variety of experiences or topics. I want to remember immersion because I have to realize as an educator not every student has the same experience. Therefore, the students might never be immerse in different experiences or perspectives in their life. Additionally, I think immersion is significant for learners because it is important for people to

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