Assignment 1: Finite Element Analysis Essay

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ENGD3016 Solid Mechanics
Assignment 1: Finite Element Analysis

Name: Wei Zhang ID: P14021978 Date: Dec17th 2015
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Objectives
3.0 Matlab
4.0 Solidworks 4.1 Model of truss 1 4.2 Model of truss 2
5.0 Comparison of the two trusses
6.0 Comparison between MATLAB and SOLIDWORKS 6.1 Comparison of results 6.2 Advantages and disadvantages
7.0 Conclusion

The purpose of this report is to based on two different 2D pictures of trusses to finite element analysis from two ways. First carried
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To construct a part to be analysed on Algor software and to find relevant deflections stresses and strains using the software. •

To compare the two methods of finite element analysis outlining strengths and drawbacks of each. •

To decide on an appropriate box size, and material for the truss taking into account its intended use.

3.0 Matlab
First, the truss of materials selection, use of the material information shown in the following tableAISI 4130 Steel, annealed at 865C
|Elastic |Poisson's Ratio|Shear Modulus |Mass Density |Tensile |Yield Strength |Thermal |Specific |
|Modulus | | | |Strength | |conductivity |Heat |
|2.05e+011N/m^|0.285N/A |8e+010N/m^2 |7850kg/m^3 |560000000N/m^2 |460000000N/m^2 |42.7W/(m·K) |477J/(kg·K) |
|2 | | | | | | | |

E = 2.05E11
The thickness of the steel pipe 2mm, so that the outer diameter of 20mm, an inner diameter of 16mm.
Architecture sectional area

A=20*20-16*16=144 mm²=0.000144
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