Assignment 1 Maintaining Computer Systems

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Assignment 1 Maintaining computer systems Task 1 Introduction In this report I am going to be covering the differences between policies and procedures, including what they are like Procurement, Costs, Helpdesk and Reporting, Tend Analysis, Problem Escalation, Disposal Policy, Health and Safety and PAT Testing and then I am going to talk about why these are important and what dangers could impact on the policies and procedures if the following are not done. Differences between polices and procedures The difference between the two is that polices are things that must be followed at all times, an example of what different polices and what polices do include things that no smoking, no eating and drinking and money back guarantee for instance if you were in a computer lab then you would have a policy that says no eating and drinking which then means you must follow that rule at all times. For procedures it’s like a policy but with the procedures you are going to be describing how each of the polices is going to be done by taking action on the policy so if there was a fire and the fire alarm went off then you would have to take action…show more content…
The problems with not having a trend analysis is that you’re not going to know what you have been having faults with the most so you won’t know that you’ve been having problems with a certain type of equipment often and with employees not knowing they are underperforming over time with their job then they will not know about taking action on the employee to improve on
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