Assignment 1-Marketing

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Assignment #1 Market Segmentation and Product Positioning Noaman Siddiqui Marketing Management-MKT 500 Dr. Shirley McLaughlin April 21st, 2011 Abstract This paper will introduce a product and service which operates in the U.S. with the intent to expand within foreign markets eventually. The service that I chose is a current service in the food service industry that does exist but would benefit from enhancing it; there are market trends for the new service that would definitely satisfy potential customers’ needs and wants once the idea is brought to their attention. The goal is to bring the feel of the city’s fine dining and lounging experience to areas outside the city without having to travel far or spend more. The service is an…show more content…
The strengths of the business would be having knowledgeable, trained, educated, and experienced staff. Lavish décor and great food and prices will add to those strengths. Location that is easily accessible and close to home for most of the guest. The restaurant would offer discounts to the college students and the travelers that are passing through, having a good reputation will be a strength and help build clientele. According to the data there is no other restaurant in the area with the same concept. The weaknesses of the business would be targeting multiple segments and trying to satisfy all of their wants and needs. Another weakness would be trying to keep the restaurant as trendy as possible but would be difficult with the changes in trends, what’s hot today may not be the next. The area is not completely in need of the type of restaurant and lounge in mind, therefore getting people to be open to and supportive of the idea is a concern. Poor reputation among customers by not giving a good first impression or not meeting their expectations would be a weakness for the company. Other weaknesses may include high costs, lack of access to key natural resources and distributors. The opportunity is that because of the current recession it would be the optimum time to open a business that would create jobs. Restaurant space can be negotiable and very
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