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Explain how you would respond if you were Peter at the end of the case. Peter should have addressed the issue much sooner instead of waiting until the project was so far behind before he decided to take action. Although Peter did not get the outcome he desired, it is evident that the move the out Olds on Crosby’s project full time was better for the company and better for Olds. The consulting project that Crosby was in charge of sounds like it is a bigger deal for the firm than the audit so it in the company’s best interest to have their best people on that project. Since Peter was getting substandard work from Old’s he should make the concession to give up Olds in return for a suitable replacement and could ask for some type of…show more content…
Having access to employees with specialized skills is a valuable advantage of a matrix type organization and it normally allows for free communication across tasks. In this case, that is not what happened so it caused a lot of conflict. Since Olds was such a valuable employee he was being pulled in multiple directions and it caused hardship for him and both projects. Since his focus was being divided, he wasn’t able to devote as much attention to either project as he would have been able to do if he was only assigned to one. That reduced his efficiency and caused him to produce lower quality work and affected his personal life because of the stress it caused. Discuss what the management at M&M can do to more effectively manage situations like what occurred in the case. The most important thing they can do is communicate effectively with team members across projects to make sure that everyone is aware of what is expected and to resolve conflicts before they cause issues that affect the success of the project. Expecting employees to shift their focus to very different job functions reduces their performance and impedes work flow. They should keep employees in similar functions that are best suited to their abilities to achieve maximum productivity. Project managers should be able to effectively share resources so the company benefits but

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