Assignment 1 Negotiation and Bargaining

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Assignment #1 Negotiation and Bargaining 1. Using the definition of negotiation as provided in the text, modify the definition so you can include aspects of negotiation you deem important. “Negotiation is a form of decision making in which two or more parties talk with one another in an effort to resolve their opposing interests (Essentials of Negotiation fifth edition.” Negotiation occurs on a daily basis. It occurs between businesses, partnerships, marriages, friends, family and even law enforcement. “Negotiations occur for several reasons: (1) to agree on how to share or divide a limited resource, such as land, or property, or time; (2) to create something new that neither party could do on his or her own, or (3) to resolve…show more content…
The rules are a work order should be completed within 24 hours of reports unless it is the weekend or a part needs to be order. The manager had to review when the work order was called in and determine if the resident request should be honored. The resident requested $200 concession for the inconvenience and not completed the work orders within the 24 hour window. Once the manager made sure all work orders were completed then the offer was a $100 concession. The parties are interdependent of one another due to this is the resident home and the manager needs the resident for monthly rental payments and to keep up occupancy. The two parties are interdependent of each other so it was in most parties to come up with a mutual decision. The resident acceptations of the offer to the concession made them happy and the manager happy due to all the work orders were complete. 4. Compare and contrast the concepts of bargaining and negotiation. Most people consider bargaining and negotiation have the same meaning. Bargaining is win-lose situation such as hanging over price at a used car lost. Negotiation refers to a win-win situation such as those that occur when parties are trying to find mutually acceptable solution to a complex conflict (Essentials of Negotiation fifth edition). Bargaining reminds me of prospected resident always wanting to haggle over price or fees being charged. They use the

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