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Assignment 1 (case 1)
Bob Raines and Megan Waters own and operate the Rainewater Brewery, a micro –brewery that grew out of their shared hobby of making home brew. The process charts of the brewery preparation shown below.

According to this process they both make around batch of 1000 bottles. During the process of beer making if the slightly colour and taste was a little off then whole batch rejected. But they both do not afford the cost of the rejected batch.
So the several quality control method that Rainwater Brewery might use to ensure the good
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Measuring cylinder:
Brewery should use the government approved measuring cylinder to check the filling volume in the bottle. By doing that adjust machines of filling by checking all nozzles volume start the filling.
Filter press:
Brewery should use better filter press for filtration. In this process the qualify person should check the filter pad is washed and filter press is cleaned properly and fitted properly. After starting the filtration process the qualify person checks every 1o min of filtered sample by using white and black background with light shade. So sometime we can identify filtered beer is according to standard quality. I suggest one thing Brewery should use the o.1 micron filter which increases the quality of the beer.
I think the brewer behaves like consistency way such as brewer check the material is according to weight is used. Check the time and temperature at which they are brewed.
The rate and extend of yeast grow intimately affects beer flavor, and yeast growth arise from pitching rate. That can be identified directly by haemocyto meter count under microscope. This requires appropriate laboratory skills and a decent laboratory to go with it.
Finally I want to say that this process takes more time for making the beer and it is home based business. So, the more care should be taken by both to maintain

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