Assignment 1

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Note: Based on the grade provided from the previous deliverable, there were no issues brought up for our initial list of functional & non-functional requirements. Consequently, the amount of changes put into place were not as heavy, as a majority of what we listed we found to be integral to implement for the final version to be delivered. Nonetheless, we present the “changelog” that reflects these minimal changes. Modifications: Added Navigation Drawer to the list of functional requirements. This feature is needed in order to allow the user to easily navigate through the entire application. For instance, the user can quickly jump from the Options Page to a Class Page. Cloud Syncing was removed from the database features. This was removed…show more content…
It tracks the grade that the student should have in the class based on the inputted grades and weights. The grade can even be projected by clicking on the “project” button located in the Grade Tracker. By entering the task grade and weight, a temporary, estimated grade can be given for the class. Priority: Essential Estimation: 3 Options Page Description: The Options page will have toggles for various usability features and options. It will contain things like time and date format preference settings, and accessibility options to change the size and color of the text in the application. Priority: Need Estimation: 1 Navigation Drawer Description: The Navigation Drawer will allow the user to easily navigate between different parts of the application. This will include navigation to features such as the Home Page, Class Page, Grade Tracker, and Options Page. For convenience, it will remain hidden, unless the user swipes from the left edge of the screen. Priority: Essential Estimation: 1 Database Features Create Semesters Description: Giving users the ability to create semesters will allow them to look back at classes from a previous semester and switch between them without having to clear their classes and start over. Priority: Want Estimation: 2 Create Classes Description: The crux of the application, users should be able to add the classes they’re taking to the list. These classes can be

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