Assignment 1

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My Leadership Profile
Deepak Lal
Jack Welch Management Institute
Dr. Jamie Chesler
JWI 510: Leading in the 21st Century
April 24, 2016

Executive Summary
All leadership styles are unique and executed via a well-thought out process. This paper reviews the leadership and managerial opportunities I have had in my recent work experiences. The experiences mentioned in this paper range from my first work engagement to the current role I am assigned as a Senior Financial Analyst. There are examples which explain the aspects that have impacted my leadership skills. This paper also examines the possibilities of inventing a unique leadership style that will align with Jack Welch's four principles and eight Rules. Furthermore, it provides the
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Lack of leadership has proven to be one of the leading causes of companies not meeting their targets, and that's where Welch's four principles of establishing Mission and Values, applying Candor, implementing Differentiation, hearing the Voice of the team and rewarding accordingly have become very useful in building a strong leadership foundation. In my recent work assignment, I didn't feel I had many good examples to follow. Therefore, to delve into options of how to affect my teams' culture and support, my company's goal has led me to understand the difference between managing and leading. In this paper, I will review my leadership attributes, including any weaknesses, and study the opportunities for improvements to building a platform for effective leadership.
Leadership Experiences
Looking back from when I began my career, I can say I came a long way learning the concepts of understanding the expectations that arose from all my positions. In my first job just after graduating, I was appointed as a Business Accountant of a multinational company. Since then, I was caught in the myth that people who were in leadership positions or high ranking were leaders. Being in a junior position, I could have the least effect on any new ideas as my voice seems to have landed in deaf ears. I have seen how those businesses were not in line with their Missions and Values only to find later that many of the staff had left the company.
Living the Mission

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