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Introduction/Background Over the past several years adults have become more adapt to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Society has become more demanding of nutritional facts and has forced fast food restaurants to be accountable for the food the food that they are offering the public. The interest from the public has become so wide spread that it has sparked the interest of film makers and has lead to two very popular documentaries: Food Inc and Supersize me. With all of the news stories and articles and social media that surround consumers now a days there is no secret that there is a correlation between eating Trans fats and gaining weight. The Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association has asked us to find out whether or not people…show more content…
On Youtube McDonald’s Canada had to close down the opportunity to comment on their most recent commercial because of all of the criticism the commercial was receiving and negative notes that it was creating. Although McDonald’s receives a lot of criticism in the media and are constantly reminded with how unhealthy their product is; their product has made steady profits throughout the past 5 years (See Appendix 1). Information about the product has not seemed to affect the buying habits of customers and have even improved them. This could mean that there is a diluted population that do not like McDonalds and make their presents known online. Tim Horton’s Tim Horton’s has had a long a steady increase of sales since its opening in 1964 (Penhold, 2009). The company has branded itself to easily becoming Canada’s leader in coffee and fast food. The company has branded itself so well that it has now become a Canadian icon and a strong part of Canadian culture (Patricia, 2008). The turning point for Tim Horton’s has been their change from being a morning dominated brand with a bakery feel to a menu that has allowed them to stay competitive throughout the day which hasn’t proven to be important as Canadians eat out 6.7 Billion time per year which is second to Italy (Barmak,2013). Being

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