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Assignment #1 Public Administration- the Good, The Bad, The ugly William T. Thompson Prof. Neely PAD 500 Modern public Administration: Managing Public and nonprofit Organizations

To understand how to solve a problem, we must first understand what we are trying to fix. For example, can a carpenter without any medical experience repair a heart valve? Of course not, he or she must first obtain the proper education necessary to perform such a complex
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the upside to (NCLB) is the reforming of (NCLB), for instance, “states and their school districts are asked to develop meaningful ways of measuring teacher and principal effectiveness in order to provide better support for educators” (rowlands,2013). The second negative policy modification is behavioral modification which assumes that assumes that observable and measurable behaviors are good targets for change as well as effective interventions because behavior modification techniques never fail. “Alternatively, a participatory model has been proposed where direct service staff and their immediate supervisors work with middle and senior managers to identify competencies and component skills and then design the implementation plan” (Ricciard, J. 2011). There are ten (10) steps that should be implemented to insure that all students get the appropriate treatment they deserve and these steps are as noted “number 1: secures all teaching materials prior to the session, number 2: sets the training environment, number 3: directs the person to session, number 4: implements all steps, as specified in the program, number 5: uses least-to-most prompt hierarchy, number 6: reinforces

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