Assignment 1 Self Managed Learning by P

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Unit 13 Personal & Professional Development

Self-Managed learning In the Context of Lifelong Learning
Assignment Number 1

By Paula Andia (March, 2013)
Student Nº 2013211

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The Self-Managed Learning Evaluation
2.1. Self-Directed Learning
2.2. Self-Regulated Learning
2.3. Self-Planned Learning
2.4. Learning Project
3. Ways to promoted of S-ML in Personal & Professional Lifelong Term
4. Benefits of S-ML Inside Organization
5. Conclusion

1. Introduction
In this assignment we can find the many different terms used to explain the Self-Managed
Learning process, with the advantages and disadvantages of it. How this process can influence in a lifelong term, the personal and professional of an individual and
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Based on Taylor‟s point of view, the S-D Learners are motivated and persistent, independent, self-disciplined, self-confident.
2.2 Self-Regulated Learning
It is a reference to “thoughts, feelings and actions that are planned and adapted to the attainment of personal goals” (Zimmerman, 2000). The components of S-RL involves, as all the other terms, setting goals for learning, focus on training, using strong strategies to organize ideas, looking for researches effectively, managing performance and time, holding positive beliefs about one‟s capabilities (Schunk & Ertmer, 2000).
There are tasks that makes Learners more autonomous, being capable of create an environment of S-RL, some of them are authentic strategies, autonomy-based assignments, and portfolios. Self-Regulated Learners don‟t only need to understand the strategies but realize the importance of using them to achieve success. Self-Regulation processes focus on how learners can manage their feelings and motivations to learn. It can be improve with practice. However, stresses related with low income such as psychological distress on adults and low quality of childcare background can harm the development of the individual, like occupational rank inside the organizations.
Self-control is one of the most important key/skill to success inside any organization, also in the personal
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