Assignment 1 Tech 401

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Assignment 1 Technology and Management TEC/401 Human Factors of Technology Professor Howard Taylor Esau Leal 06/20/2012 Technology/Management Technology management (TM) for companies is about sustaining and improving a company’s competitiveness in the long-term; being able to think out-side-the-box of what will be the new best thing before its competitor. There are three main aspects that fall underneath the umbrella of TM, leadership, motivation of employees, and last appropriate management technology. A company’s goal of what they have in mind for TM is to create a synergy among all factors (i.e. research, development, planning, engineering, machines, software, productions, and communications) to make them countersink together…show more content…
In all business there will come a time where opportunities will arise and a complicated decision will have to be made, being able to utilize the simple mathematic skills will resolve most of the problems. Management basic Functions Management basics functions are planning, organizing, directing, lending, and controlling performance. Planning consist of the ability to create spreadsheets to work though of what has to happen (plan), and will consist of dates of when task are to be completed. Also spreadsheets will keep the business inline to achieve the goal in a reasonable time frame. Planning as well can be managing the schedule, adhering to the schedule forecast to have associates where they need to be a peak times of the business. Organizing in most business are HR data storage and retrieval, project assignments, and leader picking. The HR role is critical to a business, the role of the HR assumes the responsibility of hiring the right people, and has proven ability to control turnover amongst the organization. Furthermore HR position controls the work flow of all legal documents and oversees employee files, making sure they are up to date. HR as well can be ultimately responsible for the train of the employees, adhering to all government policies and procedures. Directing is a key component of management functions, the ability to motivate a team of associate to a common goal, achieving
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