Assignment 1: Training and Development in Small Business

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Assignment 1: Training and Development in Small Business
Professor Thomas Swinney
Training and Development
November 14, 2014

Development in in Small Business

Daycare centers are used most often by working parents, single mom’s and dad’s and sometimes stay at home parents who want some time to themselves a couple days a week. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have relatives that are available to watch your children that are not old enough to go to elementary school. Daycare centers should provide the emotional and social needs for babies that are crucial during the first two years of life in developing the learning structures of the brain. They provide a loving environment that will give your child a chance to grow and learn
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The director is worried because enrollment is down even though there are several tours of the center by prospective parents every day. She feels like her center shows well but is worried because sometimes the rooms are not as neat as they should be and there may be other problems that she’s not aware of with her teachers. As the director/owner, the employees don’t really talk to her about what they might need to make their job easier. It’s clear that a training needs analysis needs to be completed in order to determine why enrollment is low.
The first things that our consultant is going to do are talk to the assistant director and also take time to talk to the teachers about their jobs and any issues they might have. During these talks, the consultant will also look at their KSA’s which will help in determining training issues and the need to develop programs. It is also important that all of the workers have a CDA; Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) is a nationally recognized entry level credential in the field of Early Childhood Education. It is issued by the Council for Professional Recognition. The CDA is designed for those individuals who are working with young children in all settings. The consultant will research all the employees’ backgrounds to make sure that this is on file. Below are some of the topics that all the employee’s should be familiar with:
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