Assignment 1 – Understanding Development and Supporting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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NCFE LEVEL 3 SUPPORTING TEACHING AND LEARNING IN SCHOOLS Please save the Learners Declaration to your PC, add your details, and upload with your completed assessments. Assignment 1 – Understanding development and supporting equality, diversity and inclusion. QUESTION 1 a. Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years The main areas of development include: physical development, social and emotional development, intellectual development and language development. Through physical development, By age one young child is developing fallowing motoring skills. Child sits without support and crawls pulls self to standing position and stands with help and without…show more content…
✓ Has more control over small muscles, and therefore writes and draws with more skill. ✓ Displays a casual attitude toward clothing and appearance. ✓ Seems to be all hands and arms. ✓ Seems to possess boundless energy. ✓ Wants to excel in sports and recreational skills. ✓ Laughs at dark humor. ✓ Is energetic and spirited. ✓ Strives to be physically fit. ✓ Is fascinated with how the body works. ✓ May be curious about drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Physical changes (Puberty) between ages eleven to forteen For girls, puberty begins around 10 or 11 years of age and ends around age 16. Boys enter puberty later than girls-usually around 12 years of age-and it lasts until around age 16 or 17. Girls and boys usually begin puberty around the same time their mothers and fathers did. Talk with your child about the following physical changes that will happen during puberty. The changes are listed in the order in which they generally occur. Girls ✓ body fat increases ✓ breasts begin to enlarge ✓ pubic hair grows ✓ height and weight increase ✓ first menstrual period occurs ✓ hips widen ✓ underarm hair grows ✓ skin and hair become more oily ✓ pimples may appear Boys ✓ scrotum becomes darker ✓ testicles grow larger ✓ penis grows longer and fuller ✓ pubic hair grows ✓ breasts can get "lumps" and become
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