Assignment 10: Preparing For Motivational Speech

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Homework #10: Preparing for your Motivational Speech Please complete the following questions in preparation for your motivational speech. 1. What is/are the specific action(s) you want your audience to take as a result of hearing your speech? (There can be several.) a. Contact legislators to push for my policy b. Donate to the Global Animal Partnership c. Educate your peers on what exactly the current labels mean d. Become self-sufficient or support your local farmer and markets 2. What are the relevant motivations/interests/concerns in your audience that can induce them to take this action? Identify at least three. a. I will cite animal health and ethics, decline in farm families and public image, human health. 3. What are the relevant…show more content…
To grab my audience`s attention I could start by stating my own experiences and then back that up with a credible source of fact or testimony. To present need I will use visuals and briefly cover the overview of my policy and why it will effectively change the meat industry and perspective. I will try to establish guilt here and make them feel personally connected for not reaching out to local farmers in the area to support and get to know them. I believe that a good statement to establish guilt would be something like, “You`re attending The Pennsylvania State University and have been blessed with the chance to be a part of the College of Agriculture for gosh sake, why aren`t you trying to get to know those involved in agriculture around your community or attend a local farmer`s market.” (Not exact wording but the general point should come across to you.) I can provide satisfaction by proposing that they take action and support and build a more positive image for agriculture among the general public. I will provide visuals of gloom and disgusting pictures of how animals are treated. Then contrast this to the other extreme of very happy and well taken care of animals. For the action step, I will promote donating to the Global Animal Health partnership and at the very least sending them a message to just thank them for their efforts in working to educate the public and provide a safe product to consumers. I will do this by e-mailing them all a link that takes them to the
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