Assignment 2 – Social and Emotional Development

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Assignment 2 – Social and Emotional Development 1. Explain the five broad and emotional aspects of learning. * Self-awareness Self-awareness is a Child’s basic understanding of themselves, to know where they fit into their environment be it socially or academically and to recognise their feelings and relationships with others. For example their role within the classroom can involve a number of things, firstly how their behaviour can affect others whether it is positive or negative and that they must recognise when they are in the wrong. They must also take responsibility for their actions and learning, for example if they are finding a task difficult they must recognise this and seek help. Conversely they will know how to …show more content…

Role play/Drama By taking part in drama we can provide a learning environment which allows pupils to express themselves none academically. This can be helpful for pupils who find school work, tests, homework and lesson times to be a difficulty. Here we would split the class in groups by mixing friendships groups up, this will force pupils to work together and build relationships with children they usually wouldn’t choose to work with making the exercise positive in not only expression but interaction with others. Art This is similar to ‘drama’ as it allows pupils to express their feelings through drawings. Many of the more timid pupils will find this allows them to communicate to their peers and teacher without having to explain their feelings by word. Teachers could use this method and then have a discussion with each child about their work, they may discover that the pupil is having problems at school for example bullying or that they are simply gifted in this

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