Assignment 2.1 Analysis

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Chaplain Intern Program - Assignment 2

1. What is a servant leader? How is being a student leader at ORU tied to servant leadership?

Great leaders don’t just tell they do, and I think that by leading with a servant heart means you do just that. You don’t just tell others that you’re the leader and expect them to follow you; you live your life in such a way that others want to look up to you as a leader in their life. You meet the needs of others and humble yourself always. A servant leader makes sure that all the people around them are set up for success in life.
Dean Boyd brought up the point that: being a servant leader takes commitment to everyone, not just the ones that are easy to be in relationship with. That is a point that stuck
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Examples of Jesus building relationships in the gospels.

• Matthew 17:1 – This verse shows us that Jesus went away with 3 of his disciples. He chose Peter, James, and John as an inner circle of friends with whom he went away with. I think this is key in relationships. I can be friends with and love on many but at the end of the day it is important to have my inner circle of people to confide in and rely on for intimate support. I have to be my best self so that I can give my best to others around me.
• John 13:1 - Right before Jesus washes his disciple’s feet it talks about how He had loved them in their time of ministry and He loved them to the end. This is why Jesus wanted to wash their feet. From this I took that it is important for me to love others always. Loving makes others feel valued, this is key in creating healthy successful relationships. As has been said before, others don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
• Luke 22:7-30 – This holds a very practical example of Jesus building relationship with His disciples, Jesus had dinner with them. Jesus spent a lot of time with His disciples, and when the end was near He still wanted to be with his 12 closest ones. Simply by making time and going to dinner or coffee with others around me I can build relationship with
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