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LANGUAGE SKILLS RELATED TASKS 2.3 1: A rationale for your choice of text based on interest and usefulness. Do not provide a rationale based on discrete grammatical or lexical items. (Text is provided at Appendix 1) “A student finishing an Elementary course should be able to do or know the following: • talk about past time • make future plans or arrangements • describe people using simple adjectives • describe places sing simple adjectives • express his/her hopes or intentions • ask people to do something for them • cope in simple social situations (e.g. talk about the weather, describe simple physical problems, give advice • listen to natural speech and…show more content…
After handing out the text Task 2: The purpose of this task is for students to have practice in scan reading skills. This task obviously need more time, and students should be allowed to work together and help each other. After the groups have completed the task, ask for volunteers to report on their group’s entries in each of the categories on the task sheet. [pic] 4: A quote from Scrivener, Riddel, or Harmer, which evidences my understanding of speaking and the associated sub-skills (as the choice of task will be developing their reading skills). Credit the source of my quote at the end of the quote and then include the title, author, publisher and edition in the bibliography I analysed the resources by comparing and contrasting the explanation on reading as a productive skill. Riddell(2007) states that in a lesson, speaking is one of two things. Speaking activity designed to promote accuracy – the right grammar, the right vocabulary and speaking designed to promote fluency – the ability to talk freely, without too much stopping or hesitating. The choice of my final task is not ‘teaching’ or ‘learning’. We are focusing here on speaking for fluency, rather than practice of specific language. [pic] 5: Provide a rationale for the choice of the final task and describe how it will be exploited (set up, monitored, feedback on etc) to develop the given skill. Task attached as Appendix 3. “You now have a ‘sandwich effect’ – the

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