Asperger's Syndrome Case Studies

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1. Rosie has an Asperger’s syndrome, and based on a DSM 5 criteria, she has difficult time with socializing with other (Autism Speaks Canada, 2015). Also, she has a difficult time expressing her nonverbal and verbal body languages (Autism Speaks Canada, 2015). Rosie has a difficulty with making an eye contact when talking with someone (Autism Speaks Canada, 2015). Rosie struggles in mood swing from happy at the moment and becomes angry at another situation. She also has a well organizing skills and maintaining the exact pattern. Meaning that she do not like when her own belongings were rearranged by anyone. As far as, her social skills demonstrated by Rosie, I think she is fantastic. Even if people with Asperger’s syndrome experiences in difficulties with socializing and maintaining relationship, Rosie was self-driven and motivated individual who had positive attitude on everything she did at best. To describe Rosie’s brother (Lenny), he is 9 year old who has classic autism. Lenny has demonstrated, poor communication skills with others and he has showed repetitive behavior.
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In Rosie’s family, there are a lots of autistic spectrum disorder within her family. Rosie has Asperger’s syndrome and her brother (Lenny) has a classic autism. Rosie’s sister who is experiencing with Kabuki syndrome. To further describe aspect about kabuki syndrome is that, it is a syndrome that is affecting her physical growth and other form of appearances (Genetic Homes Referenc, 2015). For example, individual with Kabuki syndrome has a characteristic of; short stature, unique facial feature, arched eyebrow, long eyelid and large earlobe. (Genetic Homes Referenc, 2015). Other characteristic of individual with kabuki syndrome would be that they are really shy and don’t talk in front of others very
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