Assignment 2 BUS 500

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Assignment 2: Management at a Company


Dr. Jean Gordon
Strayer University
Zappos Company
(2) key changes is an online clothing and shoe company or shop that is currently based in Nevada, Las Vegas. The company was founded in the year 1999 by Nick Swinmurn. The company’s initial inspiration came after he was not able to find one of his favorite pair of shoes, the air walks, at the local mall. The same year, he approached Alfred Lin and Tony Hseih with an idea of selling different types of shoes online. However, Hsieh was skeptical at first and went to the extent of deleting voice mails sent by Swinmurn (Harnish, 2012). After Swinmurn stated that the footwear in United States is
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This encouraged productivity since they has a chance to interact with the consumers and employees at personal levels. They were able to make critical decisions that needed to be made instantly. The changes in managed contributed to the company’s improvement in its operations.
Senior management 's role

There have been different changes made to the organization in recent times. For example, the organization head office had to relocate, there have been different changes in the economy and the production cost has greatly increased leading to the increase in the prices of different products and services. The senior management has played a major role in preparing the organization to make the changes without any form of disruptions to its activities (Michelli, 2012). The transition to these changes among other changes was smooth and had not forms of difficulties. The management was able to handle the changes in a manner that the organization’s activities were not affected in any way. For example, the management was able to make these changes through quality preparations and planning for the changes. The company had to relocate its headquarters. Before the relocation, it consumers were made aware of the relocation before the time came. After the relocation, the previous office still remained operational, where clients who did not know about the relocation could be directed appropriately. The changes in the economy did not affect the
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