Assignment 2 – Employment-At-Will Doctrine. Forsha Anderson.

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Assignment 2 – Employment-At-Will Doctrine Forsha Anderson LEG500 – Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance Professor Lori Baggot April 28, 2017 Introduction The employment At-Will doctrine is in place to allow employment relationships to be restricted. It allows employers and employees to terminate a relationship at any time without cause. The doctrine will allow employees to quit without any fear of being held liable for any inconvenience or disruption to the business at the time of quitting. This doctrine also allows employers to make any changes towards an employee’s term of employment (N, 2017). However, some exceptions could prevent an employee to make those changes if the employee is covered in that particular area. Doyle A…show more content…
This exception allows employees to file lawsuits if they sensed they were terminated unfairly (Doyle A. 2016). As a COO in a midsize company who is preparing for an IPO, you may discover many personal problems that may require your immediate attention. In this assignment, as an astute manager, the examination of three scenarios will take place to see if any exceptions exist before the company can take action. Afterwards, I will examine South Carolina’s policies on employment At Will doctrine. Lastly, I will present a real world example of an employee or employer utilizing South Carolina’s employment At Will doctrine summarizing the main issue and the outcome. Scenario 1: Jackson was at home one night and posted a rant on his Facebook page criticizing the company he worked for and one of the company’s most important customers. Facebook is the largest gateway to social media communication, allowing you to stay in touch with friends, family, and public. Therefore, if Jackson had concerns about a customer, the human resources department would have been a better option. They specialize in employee relation issues, while keeping all information confidential. In our business, we take pride in our image, while building trustworthy relations with all customers. Jackson’s behavior on social media could potentially harm the relationship with this customer, present and future customers. When one shares information on

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