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This worksheet is to be typewritten, saved as a pdf., and uploaded to Canvas under the “Assignment 2: personal diet analysis” assignment. In addition to this worksheet, you are to upload the following to Canvas as part of your assignment: the exact same "Food Groups & Calories Report" that you turned in for Assignment 1, uploaded as a pdf; the exact same "Nutrients Report” that you turned in for Assignment 1, uploaded as a pdf; the exact same "Physical Activity Report(s)" that you turned in for Assignment 1, uploaded as a pdf. For this first question, you will need a copy of your "Food Groups & Calories Report" from your three-day food recall that you entered into SuperTracker. This is the exact same report you turned in for…show more content…
Example: you worked out twice on Tuesday & burned 100 calories during yoru morning walk and 200 calories during your evening run. Before you do any other calculations, you will need to add together 200 and 100 to get 300 total calories for Tuesday. Add up the totals for each day and then divide by three total days. Example, on Monday you burned 400 total calories in physical activity, on Tuesday 300 (that was 200 + 100), and on Wednesday 250. So 250 + 300 + 400 = 950 total calories for three days. Then take 950 / 3 to get the average = 317 calories burned, on average, per day in physical activity. Question #4b: Using the “Nutrients” & “Physical Activity” Reports, fill out this table: | Nutrient(from the Nutrients Report) | Your average intake was: | Your recommended intake was: | Your percent of recommended intake was: | Your assessment: | Calories (in Calories) | 3999 | 3200 | 125% | X above within below | How many additional calories did you burn through physical activity?(This is the AVERAGE from all three days—see above instructions for how to do these calculations) | 757 | How well did you meet national physical activity guidelines?Actual physical activity amounts: | Recommended physical activity amounts: | How you compare to national recommendations | Aerobic: 300Strength: 4 | Aerobic: 150Strength: 2 | X above within below | In order to calculate saturated fat intake (Question 5), we’re going to have to

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