Assignment 2 Essay

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Assignment 2
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for organisations wishing to become ‘mobile enterprises’ from both the perspectives of the employers and employees.
Mobile enterprise is when a corporation or large organization that supports critical business functions and use of business applications via wireless mobile devices. Some of the mobile enterprise functions include manage projects, access to e-mail and online chat, provide information about customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). The reason why many organizations are becoming mobile enterprise nowadays is mainly because the mobile technologies in the workplace provides advanced services and solutions for wireless operators across the
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Many employees nowadays are wishing to become mobile enterprise as it provides many benefits in their working situation. The first advantage for employees is portability and availability. This is when the employees has the ability to use the devices anywhere at any time they want. For example, they can use the devices outside their workplace and outside their working time. This provides better productivity, which allows employee choose about when to view content, and capability to all employees, leading to engagement and enablement. One organization that the employees are becoming mobile enterprise is BlackBerry Limited. Within BlackBerry, employees used to augment existing work processes by enabling more mobile and flexible practices. It also had the opportunities to work away from their working place. (Bynghall, S., 2014)
Another advantage for employees is it access data and information in context. Within mobile enterprise it has the ability to access relevant data and content at the point when they needed. This include focus on the ability to access email while they are away from the office, especially when they are traveling. The reason why this is benefit for employees is because it increase significant in the requirement to access a wide range of public and organizational data, it is much convenient for them to access and sharing information in both
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