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M2 Group Assignment Instructions Complete the Assignment, name it as GroupXX_Assign2.xls (where XX is your Group Name), and upload and submit to the instructor through Dropbox. Do not enter anything in the spreadsheet cells that are black, labeled “Grader”. You must complete this assignment without the assistance of persons other than the members of your Group. You may use any other resources you deem necessary. Answer the questions below by placing the appropriate graph and/or answers in the designated cells of the spreadsheet. DO NOT CHANGE THE APPEARANCE OR FUNCTIONALITY OF THE SPREADSHEET UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. Question 1 (35 points) Office Support, Inc. provides on-site repair for most large photocopy machines. It currently has…show more content…
The formulas should make absolute 2 • reference to the expected value in cell K9, and relative reference to the values in cells G2 through G8. Provide formulas in cells M2 through M8 that square the differences found in cells L2 through L8, that is, formulas for [ x − E ( x) ] . 2 • Provide formulas in cells N2 through N8 that multiply the squared differences found in cells M2 through M8 by the probability values calculated in column I, that is, formulas for [ x − E ( x)] • • 2 ⋅ P( x) . Calculate the Variance and place the value in cell N9. In cell N10, calculate the standard deviation. Recall that the formula for the standard deviation is StdDev = Var ( x) . g. 2 points: In cell L13, calculate the probability that Office Support will have two or more service calls per day. That is, find P ( X ≥ 2) . h. 2 points: In cell L14, calculate the probability that Office Support will have less than two service calls per day. That is, find P ( X ≤ 1) . Question 2 (15 points) Asterex Inc. produces silicon gaskets that are used to connect piping materials for the petroleum industry. The gaskets are ring shaped, and look like a thin donut with a big hole in the center. It is important that the gaskets have the proper inside diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), and wall thickness. The quality control department samples and tests gaskets every 15 minutes to ensure conformance to quality characteristics and engineering specifications for the three quality

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