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Analysis of MTV Networks: The Arabian Challenge


With the boom of globalization and the world’s growing love of celebrities, it was about time that the music and youth entertainment industry tapped into the consumer hungry Arabian market. MTV saw this opportunity as a move that could unite the Arabian population by showcasing local talent on a world stage, as well as bringing international stars into the region. The market for an international music channel in the Middle East was untapped at that time, but the market showcasing local music was saturated. Despite this, the region offered massive opportunities for growth if MTV could successfully translate and adapt their strategy into one that could be successful in a
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The extent to which Islam infiltrates culture in Middle Eastern countries varies, creating another challenge for MTV. For example, Egypt is a country that is more relaxed with religious traditions such as hijabs (clothing for women covering nearly their entire bodies), whereas Saudi Arabia is socially traditional. This difference in culture between Middle Eastern countries also affects the local taste. MTV needs to revise programming or editing of certain programs for different regions to completely cater to the Middle East. Operating in the Arabic language was another challenge with expanding into the Middle East, albeit one that MTV easily countered by working with a large proportion of locals and with the partnership alongside Arab Media Group.

“Critically analyze MTV’s strategy in the Middle East. Comment on its entry strategy and also its strategy of providing mixed content to the market. Do you think MTV will be able to succeed in this market?”

MTVN’s strategy is to have a global presence with a local outlook, and this was consistent with their entry into the Middle East. Analysts of MTV Arabia agree adopting a decentralized structure letting local staff remain autonomous was a large part of MTV’s success, as this “led to innovation and rapid expansion” (Deresky, 2014).

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