Assignment 2: Googled Nutrition Information Analysis

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Jamika Jordan, August 26th, Assignment No.1 I feel as though this reading opened my eyes; I was not aware of the misinformation that was available through varies entities. Before reading this information, I would have easily googled nutrition information through the internet, and I would have trusted most of the information that would have come up. I would not have even questioned the authenticity of the information; I would have been like most people and believe what I have read. Now when I am looking for nutritional information, I will answer the five “W” questions before I so readily trust the information. The signs given on what to look for in misleading emails is very helpful. The phrase “forward this to everyone” at first did not seem to me like a hoax/false email. Now that I have this information, I will definitely look for suspicious emails that I do not…show more content…
When it comes to people’s health there should be no deadline when presenting the information. The data should be collected precisely and accurately before reaching the public, and this process can not happen if there is a rush to report. Another issue that I find disturbing, is the fact that only 30 percent of medical schools in the United States require a student to take a separate nutrition course. Since I plan to continue my education in medicine, I might find myself in a situation where the medical school I plan to attend will not require me to take a nutrition course. I can not understand why the class is not a requirement. Physicians work hands on with patients and will be the first person a patient contacts for information on nutrition/diets. Without proper knowledge of the information, it is not safe for physicians to be giving this information out to the public. I am relieved to know that I am currently taking a nutrition class as an undergraduate, so when I become a physician I will be somewhat knowledgeable about the
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