Assignment 2 - Gorgeous George Blows Fans Away

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Assignment 2 – Gorgeous George blows fans away Royals or readable? Introduction Photojournalism is used to represent a news story through a singular/series of images. The images are selected to depict both content and tone, acting as an anchor to the event/story. An anchor is used to provide stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation, it narrows down the obtainable readings that can be made on an image. On the 8th of April 2014 the Dominon post printed and dispatched this front page article of the royal family on their arrival to Wellington NZ; ‘Gorgeous George blows fans away’. Monarchy; A monarchy is a form of government in which sovereignty is actually or nominally embodied one or several individuals reigning until death or abdication. ‘They are called monarchs. As a constitutional monarch, The Queen of New Zealand acts entirely on the advice of New Zealand Government Ministers. She is fully briefed by means of communications from her Ministers, and has audiences with them where possible.’ (The offical website of the British Monarchy) This essay aims so discuss the ways in which the article image offers an interpretation of the event and how New Zealanders as a cultural identity are affected by the Monarchy. The purpose of visiting New Zealand for a royal tour is to generate interest in the royal family and in affect allows the crown to remain part of New Zealand identity. For the average tax paying citizen it is very easy to forget that New

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